Harry Starren

Enter Art

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ENTER is an unprecedented type of event. It offers high quality content combined with a unique experience. Each session will have a lineup of (inter)national high profile speakers, giving an in-depth overview of one specific theme. The speakers will cover success stories of today, developments of tomorrow and will give an outlook of the future. The sessions take place at inspiring locations in Rotterdam and, besides great speakers, always offer a surprising element keeping the memory alive.

Estoril Conferences – Global Challenges, Local Answers

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Every 2 years, Estoril hosts some of the most prominent speakers in the international scene, promoting an international dialogue among nations and regions, in order to contribute to effective local solutions to global challenges. Continue reading

Enterprise is better than managing in the current climate

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Harry Starren was an unexpected choice as the managing director of De Baak, the proper, well-respected training center for managers. The center blossomed under his leadership. After fifteen years, it’s time for new horizons. He has often imagined his farewell. “I’ll just say: ‘My friends, I’m going to go do something else now.’ Such a glorious moment.”

After fifteen years, Harry Starren (57) is saying goodbye to De Baak Management Center VNO-NCW, the well-known training center with branch locations in Noordwijk and Driebergen. He considers his farewell to be inevitable; although it’s sad to leave, it isn’t a terrible shame. “I am giving up a great deal of certainty and permanence, but those things come with their own limitations too.”

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An Ecology of Mind – A portrait of Gregory Bateson

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An Ecology of Mind is a film portrait of Gregory Bateson, celebrated anthropologist, philosopher, author, naturalist, systems theorist, and filmmaker, produced and directed by his daughter, Nora Bateson. Nora Bateson’s rediscovery of his work documents the vast – and continuing – influence Bateson’s thinking has had on the work of an amazingly wide range of disciplines. Gregory Bateson’s theories, such as “the double bind” and “the pattern which connects”, continue to impact the fields of anthropology, psychiatry, information science, cybernetics, urban planning, biology, and ecology, challenging people to think in new ways. Continue reading

Leiderschap, bijzondere app’s en videotalenten op BNR

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Tomorrow’s world: Next | Leadership Innovation with Ori Brafman and Harry Starren

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Are you ready for the new face of leadership? Tomorrow’s World: Next helps today’s leaders find their place in tomorrow’s world, where it is no longer lonely at the top. The days of a solitary person performing a balancing act on the tip of the pyramid are gone; now, the challenge for leaders is to weave a path through – and make the most of – a complex web of networks and relationships. Social media, co-creation and open innovation are the new support systems. Tomorrow’s World: Next gives you the tools you need to harness these to your best advantage, making social cohesion a means for success and turning global trends and transitions into opportunities. Continue reading

Strength and opportunities

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Why The Netherlands looks like Singapore and what that means.

Singapore is the size of the province of Utrecht. Aside from a favorable location, a highly educated work force, a stable government and reliable authorities, the country has little. Call that little. For a thriving economy, it appears to be more than enough. Continue reading

The bookcase of Harry Starren, CEO and reading professional

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Writers & their bookcase

He is no stranger in the entrepreneurial world of the Netherlands. He is known from radio and TV but is particularly famous for his bon mots in lectures. His book on leadership is durable, a long seller. Many a manager has been to his training center De Baak in Noordwijk, Driebergen or Amsterdam. And, above all, he is an avid reader. This time at the bookcase on reading and management books: Harry Starren, CEO of De Baak.

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Kracht en kansen

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Waarom Nederland op Singapore lijkt en wat dat betekent.

Singapore is zo groot als de provincie Utrecht. Behalve een gunstige ligging, een hoogopgeleide beroepsbevolking, een stabiele regering en een betrouwbare overheid, beschikt het land over weinig. Noem dat maar weinig. Voor een bloeiende economie is het – dat blijkt – meer dan genoeg. Singapore plukt de vruchten van haar ijver. De omringende olielanden beleggen hun rijkdom en wachten af. Singapore heeft niets om op te wachten en handelt nu, om ook straks een toekomst te hebben. Singapore is de deur naar Azië, zoals Nederland de deur naar Europa is. Continue reading

Het gif zit in de staart

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Alles begint vlak voor het einde.

Ik heb me laten vertellen dat het in de psychologie een drempelgesprek wordt genoemd. Als mijn ouders visite hadden, vond dit gesprek in de gang plaats. Als de visite was opgestaan en aanstalten maakte om te vertrekken ontstond plotseling een ongedwongen en soms zelfs uitbundig gesprek, tijdens het aantrekken van de jas. Het vertrek van de gasten leidde tot die ontspanning. De eindigheid gaf lucht en blies het vuur aan als van een open haard. De vertrouwelijkheid nam toe. Een hartelijk afscheid ontstond, dat het bezoek in een gloed zette die naar voortzetting deed verlangen. Continue reading