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Enterprise is better than managing in the current climate

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Harry Starren was an unexpected choice as the managing director of De Baak, the proper, well-respected training center for managers. The center blossomed under his leadership. After fifteen years, it’s time for new horizons. He has often imagined his farewell. … Continue reading

Leiderschap, bijzondere app’s en videotalenten op BNR

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The bookcase of Harry Starren, CEO and reading professional

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Writers & their bookcase He is no stranger in the entrepreneurial world of the Netherlands. He is known from radio and TV but is particularly famous for his bon mots in lectures. His book on leadership is durable, a long … Continue reading

The fringe is the core of what’s coming

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Don’t seal it off from everything! The same applies to art. Hamlet is still being performed because the play is still ambiguous. If there were ever a successful attempt to pin it down definitively, it would be over. The same … Continue reading

Books for bosses

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What do six management books teach us about the current trends and fashions in management? A conversation with Harry Starren, Managing Director of De Baak, school for managers and monkeys. Text: Gijsbert van Es; Illustrations: Rhonald Blommestijn An amusing pastime: … Continue reading

Copy more from others

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Management guru Harry Starren on creativity: “Copy more from others” Businesses are supposed to be more creative than government organizations. “But those impressions are wrong,” says Harry Starren, management guru and director of De Baak Management Center VNO-NCW. “Government organizations … Continue reading

Meer van anderen kopiëren

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Bedrijven heten creatiever te zijn dan overheidsorganisaties. “Maar die beelden kloppen niet”, zegt managementgoeroe Harry Starren, directeur van De Baak Management Centrum VNO-NCW. “Overheidsorganisaties zijn niet zo bureaucratisch en bedrijven niet zo dynamisch.” De forse bezuinigingen die sociale diensten te … Continue reading

Collector’s item | “A professional can take some liberties”

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Harry Starren (55), Director of De Baak, feels an affinity with the primitive power and childlike expression of Karel Appel. “I make a lot of purchases, but am not very attached to things. In my student days, I made a … Continue reading