Harry Starren


The word is a creative force, and especially the spoken word. I know this first hand because speaking and helping large groups of people to talk is a major part of my life. We need to talk with each other as well even when we are strangers with one another – whether by conviction, creed, culture  or simply by chance.

Speaking is a passion and as such it requires some regulating. I do that by creating an intimate atmosphere that is both light and humorously- confiding while not evading the difficulties. I am unafraid of opinions, they come and go. But the meeting between people and personalities remain a creative act. It is in this form of speech that my passion lies: to bring large groups of people to a higher level of understanding of what they share, what matters and what we can all do to move forward, towards an inspired dialogue. That is, a free exchange and an enriched experience. What can be more creative?

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